Right Now in Movie Crush

Mini Crush #61

Mini Crush #61 has a tummy ache. Sad face. 

Joe Garden on Suspiria

Chuck's old friend from The Onion, Joe Garden, popped in from a road trip to talk about his Movie Crush, the 1977 horror cult classic, SUSPIRIA. 

Wednesday Special: The 'Walken' Outtakes

Today, Chuck comes clean about April Fool's, and gives you the outtakes to enjoy. 

MC Special Episode: Christopher Walken on Footloose

Hold on to your hats, folks. Chuck somehow managed to land CHRISTOPHER WALKEN as a guest. It was a weird and surreal experience, and it was clear that Mr. Walken didn't quite get the framework of the show. Listen in and enjoy this special Monday interview edition as Chuck and Mr. Walken discuss the 1984 classic, Footloose. 

Jordan Morris on Point Break

Jordan Morris is a comedy writer, a podcaster, and a really great guy. Listen in today as we discuss all things Jordan, along with his movie crush, POINT BREAK.

Mini Crush #60

Mini Crush #60 feels good about being a round number. 

Hari Kondabolu on Grosse Point Blank

Comedian Hari Kondabolu is great. So is his movie crush, Grosse Pointe Blank. Listen and laugh!

Mini Crush #59

Mini Crush #59 is so close to 60 it can taste it. 

Casey on Kubrick Part IV: Paths of Glory

Casey won't go away, guys. And I'm grateful for that. Today we continue our tribute to the late, great Stanley Kubrick with our discussion on his WWI classic, Paths of Glory.

Mini Crush #58

Mini Crush #58 is practically begging you to listen. #58 is quite desperate. #58 is a real loser. 

Ben Sinclair on Teen Wolf

Ben Sinclair is the creator and star of one of Chuck's all-time favorite TV shows, HBO's High Maintenance. Chuck even flew to LA so he could record this in person. Listen in to some serious fanboy action, as they discuss High Maintenance and Ben's movie crush, Teen Wolf! 

Mini Crush #57

Crush out this week with Chuck and Noel - Mini Crush #57 is seeking out a hammock for a nice afternoon nap.

Mallorie Coleman on Jurassic Park

Mallorie Coleman is another crew member who Chuck worked with on his TV show. She's super talented, extremely cool and made the auspicious choice to make Jurassic Park her pick. Listen in and enjoy! 

Mini Crush #56

Crush out this week with Chuck and Noel - Mini Crush #56 just expelled some gas. Sorry. 

2nd Annual Emilie and Chuck Pre-Oscars Spectacular

You loved it last year so we're doing it again - sitting down, drinking some wine and goofing off about the Oscars. Please enjoy!

Inaugural Razzies Special

Chuck and Noel are in the studio this week for a very special Razzies episode. Listen in as they detail the worst movies of 2018. 

Mike Anderson on Vernon, Florida

This week brings our first documentary entry into the Movie Crush pantheon. Chuck's friend, filmmaker Mike Anderson, comes in to chat all things Errol Morris, and his pick Vernon, Florida.

Mini Crush #55

Crush out this week with Chuck and Noel - Mini Crush #55 needs to be popped into the microwave for a few seconds. 

Molly Coffee on The Princess Bride

Molly Coffee is a local filmmaker and film crew veteran. She's smart, funny, talented and has great taste in movies. Listen in as we talk about her movie crush, the 80s classic, The Princess Bride. 

Mini Crush #54

Crush out this week with Chuck and Noel - Mini Crush #54 is ready for the compost bin.