Mini Crush #75

Mini Crush #75 is in search of a soft hammock and a nice breeze. 

Friendly Fire Crossover #2: The Great Escape

Chuck hunkered down again with the men from Friendly Fire to talk about their agreed upon war film, The Great Escape.

Crush to Judgment: MIDSOMMAR

Noel and Chuck discuss their thoughts on one of their most highly anticipated films of the summer, Ari Aster's Midsommar. 

Mini Crush #74

Mini Crush #74 is feeling a deep sense of gratitude. 

Alex Williams on Ed Wood

Alex is a maker of podcasts here at iHeartRadio, and a truly talented one at that. Aside from the great work he does on other people's shows, he launched his own amazing show himself. It's called Ephemeral and it should be on your list, for real. Listen in as we talk about his movie crush, Tim Burton's "Ed Wood."

Mini Crush Special: Casey at Cannes!

Tune in today for a Mini Crush special ep. Casey is back from Paris, guys! Let's hear all about it, shall we?

Alex Fernie on Out of Sight

Alex Fernie is one third of one of the greatest improv groups of all time, Convoy. He and Chuck sat down in the LA studio to talk about his movie crush, Steven Soderbergh's Out of Sight. 

Mini Crush #73

Mini Crush #72 is just happy to be here. 

Casey Continued: Birth

Casey is back, folks! He's one of my favorite people to chat movies with and we detour slightly this week from our Kubrick series to chat about a Kubrickian offshoot, the 2004 Nicole Kidman film, Birth. 

Mini Crush #72

Mini Crush #72 thumbs its nose at you and then feels bad about it.