Nate DiMeo on Titanic

This week Chuck sits down with his pal Nate DiMeo of The Memory Palace to chat about Rhode Island, Parks & Rec and oh yeah, a little movie called TITANIC.

A.J. Jacobs on A Clockwork Orange

Ready for a little of the old ultra-violence? Then sit back and listen to Chuck have a great conversation with author A.J. Jacobs about Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange.

Griffin McElroy on Groundhog Day

This week Chuck sits down to talk about Groundhog Day with fellow podcaster Griffin McElroy of My Brother, My Brother and Me.

Brandie Posey on The Cable Guy

Today, Chuck sits down with comedian Brandie Posey to discuss her unabashed movie crush on The Cable Guy and all things Jim Carrey.

Kevin Pollak on The In-Laws

Today, Chuck sits down with the great Kevin Pollak to talk about all things movies, along with some insight into the classic 70s comedy The In-Laws.

Kyle Kinane on Big Trouble in Little China

In today's episode we have the great Kyle Kinane to talk about one of the most fun movies of the 80s - John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China. Get ready for some good laughs, folks!

Ken Jennings on A Hard Day's Night

This week Chuck sits down with Jeopardy's all-time winning champion, Ken Jennings, to talk about his all-time favorite movie - A Hard Day's Night. Beatles fans rejoice!

Roman Mars on Jaws

This is a big one, folks. Two JAWS freaks breaking down their favorite movie. Roman Mars of 99% Invisible in conversation with Chuck this week on Movie Crush.

Jon Ronson on Let the Right One In

Today celebrated author Jon Ronson brings his Welsh flavor to Movie Crush to chat with Chuck about the Swedish vampire love story, Let the Right One In.

John Hodgman on The Avengers

Today Chuck sits down with his old friend John Hodgman to talk a bit about movies in general, John's experience working in a theater in his early years, and his movie crush - The Avengers.