Mini Crush #72

Mini Crush #72 thumbs its nose at you and then feels bad about it.

Adam Pranica on Hard Eight

Adam Pranica is one third of the Friendly Fire podcast, and one of Chuck's pals. They sat down to talk about the classic and criminally underseen first film from Paul Thomas Anderson, Hard Eight.

Mini Crush #71

Mini Crush #71 is nearing retirement. 

Pam Peacock on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Pam Peacock is the in-house graphic designer for the iHeart Podcast Network. That means she comes up with all of the killer logo art you see representing some of your favorite podcasts. She's also a very nice and cool person. Listen in as we chat about her movie crush, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. 

Mini Crush #70

Mini Crush #70 is flying a kite and jumping in a lake. 

Mini Crush #69

Mini Crush #69 hates sophmoric sex jokes about its name. 

Mini Crush #68

Mini Crush #68 is available and into it. Swipe right!

Jim Issa on Rushmore

Jim Issa is one of Chuck's oldest friends, dating back to the 9th grade. Jim directs TV commercials now, but also directed a feature film and was a founder of one of Atlanta's longest running and most successful improv troupes in Atlanta. Listen in as these two old pals talk about his Movie Crush... Rushmore!

Mini Crush #67

Mini Crush #67 has an itch it can't quite scratch.

Matt Braunger on An American Werewolf in London

Matt Braunger is a great stand up comedian. He also has great taste in movies, as evidence with his pick, An American Werewolf in London. Crush out with Chuck and Matt!